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Corr Votes for Budget Approved by House
COLLEGEVILLE – On Wednesday, State Rep. Michael Corr (R-Montgomery) voted for the balanced, timely state budget bill approved by the House that would fund the core functions of government and increase funding for education without raising or implementing new taxes.

“This budget would provide more money for schools and students without raising taxes on Pennsylvanians,” Corr said. “This is proof that, when you grow the economy, the state can collect and spend more revenue without raising tax rates or enacting new taxes.”

The $32.7 billion spending plan represents an increase of a little more than $500 million compared to the current state budget.

The spending increase would be below the rate of inflation – or the average increase in prices for standard consumer products – which means state government would grow slower than the private sector.

“We want to establish policies that promote private-sector economic growth and job creation,” Corr said. “This budget represents prudent fiscal management of the Commonwealth’s limited financial resources.”

The budget calls for a $100 million increase in funding for schools across the Commonwealth as well as a new, $60 million block grant program designed to fund school safety initiatives. Corr noted funding for schools has increased during both years he has been in office.

“Students and schools remain a top priority in this budget,” Corr said. “This budget would invest more state dollars in education than at any other time in Pennsylvania history. We especially want to help local school districts enact policies and initiatives to protect the safety and wellbeing of our students.”

The budget also for the first time since the Great Recession in 2008 would put money into the state’s equivalent of an emergency savings account.

“The budget would begin the fiscally responsible practice of rebuilding the state’s reserve accounts so we have some money set aside for future emergencies,” Corr said.

The budget legislation – House Bill 2121 – now heads to the state Senate for consideration.

If approved by the Senate, the legislation would head to the desk of Gov. Tom Wolf. Wolf has not signed a budget bill into law during his tenure as governor. Previous budgets have taken effect only after the governor refused to take action and the bills automatically became law.

“I hope the governor will actively cooperate with us in this year’s budget process,” Corr said. “Many people tell me they want to see leaders in Harrisburg who can work with each other across the ideological aisle to enact policies that improve the lives of Pennsylvanians. I hope the governor will set a positive tone by signing the budget bill into law.”

Rep. Michael Corr
150th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Daniel Massing
717.772.9845 /

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