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Corr Proposes Term Limits for Members of PA General Assembly
HARRISBURG – State Rep. Michael Corr (R-Montgomery) introduced two separate government reform bills today that he believes would help improve the level of public service Pennsylvanians could expect from elected officials.
Corr’s first bill would amend Pennsylvania’s Constitution to enact term limits on members of the General Assembly.  State legislators would be limited to serving no longer than 12 consecutive years – three four-year terms in the state Senate or six two-year terms in the state House.
“It is an honor to serve in the legislature, but it should not be a career,” Corr said. “By limiting service to 12 years in each chamber, my proposed amendment to the Constitution strikes the right balance between the desire to bring new voices to serve in government and the need to preserve institutional memory that ensures effective operation of the General Assembly.”
Corr’s second bill would prohibit candidates from running for more than one office at the same time. Corr noted candidates will sometimes run for the office they currently hold and another office, seeking the latter out of ambition while running to hold onto their existing job as a backup plan or consolation prize.
When candidates run for more than one office and win both elections, they must choose which office to take, leaving the other one vacant. This leads to expensive special elections that must be funded by taxpayers.
“I believe a candidate for office should commit to the public how he or she intends to serve and not be able to play the odds in an effort to secure at least one position. Current law puts the desires of an individual ahead of the needs of the public,” Corr said. 
Corr's term limits legislation is House Bill 2309, and his bill to prevent candidates from simultaneously running for multiple offices is House Bill 2311.

Rep. Michael Corr
150th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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