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Honoring Our Veterans
I delivered some brief remarks at a Veterans Day commemoration at Valley Forge National Historical Park. You can read my remarks below. I was honored to have my picture taken with a group of men and women who were inducted into the armed forces when they participated in an oath of enlistment ceremony at the commemoration.

My Veterans Day Remarks:

A story is often told that at the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, Benjamin Franklin was approached on the street by a woman who asked: “What have you given us?” to which Franklin replied, “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.”
The obligation to “keep the Republic” and preserve the liberty so valiantly fought for in the Revolution has presented many challenges in the nearly two and one-half centuries of our nation’s existence. As Americans, however, we have always overcome these challenges. Nowhere has that been more evident than in the sacrifice and service of our veterans. From Belleau Wood to Inchon, from Gettysburg to Saipan, from Valley Forge to the Ardennes, and from the Ia Drang Valley to Afghanistan, across our history American servicemen and women have consistently met the challenges confronting us to further “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” Their service and their sacrifice must never be forgotten and must always be honored.
Ninety-nine years ago today – at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month – the First World War came to an end. And although the guns in Europe fell silent this day in 1918, the call remained loud and clear. It was the ongoing call to service for the preservation of liberty and the democratic values we hold dear. Throughout our history, that call has been answered by the many thousands of Americans who have served our country in uniform and who are worthy of the title “hero.”
But it is also a call to us as civilians to remember the sacrifices our veterans have made and the hardships they have endured. And so today we gather here to honor all veterans, living and deceased, to recognize their unfailing devotion to duty, and to once again pledge to them our undying admiration and our eternal gratitude.